Welcome to Vanguard Chapter, Trout Unlimited

Welcome From Larry Butts, President Vanguard Chapter

The mission of Michigan Trout Unlimited (MITU) is to conserve, protect and restore the cold water fisheries and their watersheds of Michigan. 

I would like to welcome you to Trout Unlimited and the Vanguard Chapter. We have an active calendar this year in support of this mission and plan to expand our work in the areas of stream restoration and conservation, education programs and financial support of these projects. This work not only repairs the damage done to our rivers and streams by urban growth and the logging industry almost 100 years ago, it seeks to reconnect miles of river that have been disrupted by dams that in many cases are no longer in use and have fallen into dangerous disrepair. In an era of climate change this work helps to reduce the temperature of these waters to better ensure the survivability of trout and other species that depend on cold, clear water. 

In partnership with other TU chapters, the Clinton River Watershed Council, the Michigan DNR, the Upper Black River Council and several other wildlife & fisheries organizations volunteers from the Vanguard Chapter have made significant improvements to coldwater fisheries throughout the state of Michigan and in particular our home waters of Southeastern Michigan. In addition to our local efforts, Trout Unlimited National (TUNA) is establishing offices in Michigan as a base to direct efforts to protect our great lakes and large scale projects within Michigan that impact the region as a whole. 

Most of us are drawn to conservation through our love of the outdoors and our love of nature. It is not uncommon for us to enjoy fishing after our work is done and we continue to do the work so that our children will be able to do so as well. We invite you all to join us in our work, either as a volunteer on one of our projects or through your financial contributions. Both are needed as there is still much to do.  

Please see our calendar of events for our meeting times and upcoming projects. 


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