Welcome to Vanguard Chapter, Trout Unlimited

from Jeff Gerwitz, Chapter President

Trout Unlimited is first and foremost a conservation organization dedicated to conserve, protect and restore Michigan's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds. But the dirty little secret is that a very large percentage of our members also love to fish. Wading a picturesque river or flowing with the current in a drift boat, we truly enjoy our rivers, lakes and streams. Our love of the outdoors leads us to participate in these conservation efforts. We are always looking for new members to support our conservation efforts with their time or money.

TU came in to being when a group of like minded men decided that something had to be done to restore rivers that had been damaged by logging, and to restore our fisheries. They saw the need and did something about it. Vanguard Chapter, along with the other 19 chapters in Michigan have collectively done much to conserve and protect, and continue with their work projects every year. The problem is that we are facing not one but two new invasive species in our waters and it has largely gone unnoticed. You may have read about the New Zealand Mud Snail and "Rock Snot" or didymos. Due to their size the microscopic mud snails are easily overlooked, but their impact on the fish in the infected areas is huge. As has been mentioned in past articles this year it is vitally important to educate our members and other groups that use our rivers, to wash their boots, shoes, waders and boots in Formula 409 after each trip or before going to another river or stream. Doing so will prevent the spread of these organisms. 

You can also share this information with others you see on the water. Canoes, boats, inner tubes etc are used most every day in the summer and these folks are generally unaware of the situation. A friendly conservation can help more that you might realize, and maybe even get a new member for TU.


CRWC Woody debris removal 

Auburn Hills - Clinton River Woody Debris Management Saturday, August 19th Starting at 9am.

Volunteers for this project will meet at the Ralco Industries and/or Peninsula Plastics

parking lot on the south side of Auburn Ct., which is off of Auburn Rd.


          “Chapter of the Year - One TU”  

I am proud to announce that the Vanguard Chapter received the Michigan TU “Chapter of the Year Award” for 2016 at the MITU Spring Quarterly Meeting this past weekend.  This award is granted to the chapter that most closely reflects the ideals of Trout Unlimited and is considered to be a role model for all state chapters to emulate. This is an annual award which is granted based upon the activities and achievements of the preceding fiscal year where consideration is given to total chapter achievements, as opposed to a single event or program.

  In order to qualify for this award the chapter must:  

Demonstrate continued membership and financial growth.

Work to affect significant contributions to the resources, either through active resource improvement work, public education and advocacy or financial support of such activities undertaken by other chapters.

Show continued involvement in Michigan Trout Unlimited activities. This is a Michigan Trout Unlimited award, so the activities must benefit Michigan Trout Unlimited and its mission.

This award is the result of the continued involvement and dedication shown by all of the members that continually volunteer their time and sweat by showing up at meetings, projects, banquets, outings, etc.  To all of you that have sat through boring board meetings, busted your butts removing beaver dams and log jams, hawked raffle tickets, and eaten mediocre food at banquets, I say congratulations.  I whole-heartedly agree with MITU – this award is well deserved.  Keep up the good work.

 Jeff Gerwitz – President

PS: This is the third time that Vanguard has received this award.


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